Registration Schedule  2015-2016

Registration is starting soon!  You can now get all registration forms here on the website and have them all filled out prior to your registration date.  Please be thorough in filling out the forms. All registration will take place in The Robin’s Nest office starting at 9:30 on the designated days below.

  • VPK registration for currently enrolled 3 year olds will take place on Tuesday, February 3rd and Wednesday, February 4th.
  • Registration for currently enrolled 2 year olds will start on Thursday, February 5th.
  • Registration for siblings of currently enrolled students of The Robin’s Nest, Westlake Christian and Stars & Comets will take place on Wednesday, February 11th.
  • Registration for Palm Harbor United Methodist Church members’ children will begin Thursday, February 12th.
  • Open Registration for all ages will begin Friday, February 13th.

All forms must be completely filled out before bringing them to registration along with a check for your $150 registration fee and $100 activity fee. Note: VPK students are not required to pay registration or activity fees but have the option to make a voluntary donation of $250 at registration. This is to cover the cost of extra enrichment activities that are not covered by the amount that we receive from the State of Florida.


Scholastic Book Fair

The book fair will be held Monday, February 23th thru Friday, February 27th in room 120. Money raised will be used to enhance our preschool literacy program.


Dad’s Night

Dads of children in the 3’s, and 4’s classes are invited to come to school with your child for a special evening Monday, February 23rd. You will be receiving an invitation, but we’d like you to have an early notice so you can plan to attend! Be ready to visit your child’s classroom and see a show!



Please remember that we strive to provide the children with nutritious food snacks. Highly sweetened treats, such as cookies (all types), potato chips, brownies, granola bars, gummy bears, and fruit roll -ups, will be permitted only for special occasions. As a reminder, The Robin’s Nest is a peanut free school. No nuts of any kind or any nut butters are allowed.


Dates to Remember

Feb. 16 School closed-Professional Development Day
Feb. 17 Class pictures for rooms 112, 108, 110, 114, Graduation pictures for rooms 114, 110
Feb. 18 Class pictures for rooms 112, 108, 102, 104, 116, Graduation pictures for rooms 104, 116
Feb. 23 Dad’s Night at The Robin’s Nest 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
Feb. 23 – 27 Scholastic Book Fair
March 5 PAC meeting – 9:15 a.m.
March 6 PAC meeting – 9:15 a.m.
March 16 School closed – Professional Development Day
March 17 – 20 Silent auction spring fundraiser
March 26 Easter parties for 2-day 2’s, 2-day 3’s, 5-day 3’s
March 27 Easter parties for 3-day 2’s, 3-day 3’s and all 4’s classes
March 30 –April 3 Spring break – school closed
April 6 Easter Monday – school closed
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