We hope you enjoyed the holidays! We’re excited to have all of your wonderful children back in school! We thank all of you who have volunteered at The Robin’s Nest and especially during the busy holiday season. Parent participation is very important to the school and the children love it too! 

The children enjoyed a very busy and exciting holiday season at The Robin’s Nest!

December 6th through the 15th our annual Santa Shop was opened serving shoppers from Robin’s Nest, Westlake Christian, Stars and Comets, PHUMC HisKidz, LIFT families and Kid’s Day Out. We had over 500 shoppers! 

On December 6th and 7th we hosted our Christmas Chapels that included the story of Christmas and a toy drive collection to support PHUMC, Metropolitan Ministries and FEAST. 

On December 11th families enjoyed The Robin’s Nest Christmas Caravan and Breakfast ‘from’ Santa.

And of course the sweet sounds of Christmas were enjoyed by all on December 14th at The Robin’s Nest Christmas program presented by Mrs. Cindy Terrio and our Robin’s Nest Children. The program was adorable, and the children had so much fun singing for their families. 

The children enjoyed visiting Santa and celebrating the season with their teachers and classmates as we finished out the season with festive classroom Christmas parties and even a school pajama day. 

What an exciting and busy month! 


We wanted to take a minute and give a heartfelt thank you to our amazing Santa Shop volunteers. We had help with organizing the inventory, wrapping the gifts, shopping for supplies and staffing the Santa Shop. Volunteers decorated, restocked the tables and helped our precious little shoppers pick out items to ensure they shopped for everyone on their Christmas list. A BIG THANK YOU to Brittany Proefke, Amy Luben, Kristin Wollett and Mary Knellinger for going above and beyond as coordinators of the Santa Shop. We could not have done it without you.  


Registration begins on Tuesday February 1st! To register for next year’s program, all parents are required to complete a new set of application forms. Forms will be available online and in The Robin’s Nest office by January 15th. Please be sure to fill out the application completely, every line. When filling out the registration forms, please do not skip any lines or information requested. Two checks will be needed at the time of registration, one check for the registration/activity fee, and a voided check for payments through electronic funds transfer. It is not necessary to get new health and immunization forms unless your current forms are expired.  

Registration Appointments for Currently Enrolled Robin’s Nest Families: A SignUpGenius link will be sent out by email one week prior to your registration date, please make sure you sign up for a time to register!

Feb. 1 … VPK registration for currently enrolled 3”s

Feb. 2 … VPK registration for currently enrolled 3’s

Feb. 3  … 3’s registration for currently enrolled 2’s

Feb. 4  … 3’s registration for currently enrolled 2’s

Feb. 9  … Registration for all siblings of Robin’s Nest, Westlake Christian, Stars and Comets

Feb. 10  … Registration for all PHUMC members and previously enrolled familieFeb. 11th  … Open registration for all ages


Our school takes the health of our students and teachers very seriously and takes many precautions to control the spread of illnesses. Please monitor your children for any symptoms of illness, not limited to but including the following:

– Elevated temperature

– Headache

– Cough

– Congestion/ runny nose

– Sore throat

– Unexplained rash

– Muscle aches

– Diarrhea

– Vomiting

If your child exhibits any of the above symptoms, please keep them home and consult your health care

provider. Please report all illnesses and absences to The Robin’s Nest office.



Jan. 6 & 7 … PAC meeting at 9:15 a.m. 

Jan. 17 … School closed – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Jan. 20 … DooDad’s Lab Show

Jan. 25 … Special Chapel 5-day 3’s

Feb. 1 – 11 … Registration for the 2022-2023 school year

Feb. 17 … Conferences for the 2-day 2’s and 2-day 3’s classes

No School for 2-day 2’s and 2-day 3’s 

Please note 5-day 3’s and 4’s (VPK) will have class!  

Feb. 18 …Conferences for the 3-day 2’s, 3-day 3’s, 5-day 3’s, and 4’s                       

            NO SCHOOL for all children  

Feb. 21 … School closed – President’s Day

Feb. 28 … Special Chapel 3 day 3’s 

Mar. 1 … Special Chapel 2 day 3’s