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Welcome to the Blog of the Robin’s Nest Preschool

Welcome to The Robin’s Nest blog!  We hope this will be a good way to keep our parents and prospective parents updated on what’s happening in our little preschool here in Palm Harbor. We’ll add our monthly newsletters here, as well as updates on the special happenings that are always happening here at the Robin’s Nest. Add our blog to your blog reader, or sign up for email updates and we will send you an email whenever we post something new.  Enjoy!



It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost over. It has been a joy to watch your children grow spiritually, mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally this year. We are happy for them but also a little sad to see them grow up so quickly.

GRADUATIONWOW! Graduation is almost here! We are so excited to have our professional photographers, Felton Video, capture the moment when your child receives his/her diploma on May 15th during graduation rehearsal. They will also make a video of the entire program using multiple cameras from different angles with clear sound available to you at the best possible price. Get your DVD/USB order forms in before graduation! For your part we are asking that you simply sit back and enjoy the program. You may still take a photo from your seat. The children and the teachers have worked hard and we want to honor their efforts by not interrupting the program with unnecessary distractions. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

All 2’s and 3’s will be dismissed at 10:45 that day and are invited to graduation. Don’t forget to drop your order form with payment at the Robin’s Nest office before graduation!  See you in the sanctuary, May 15th at 11:00 a.m.!

VPK LAST DAY ATTENDANCE – VPK students are required to attend the last day of school on May 15th. Any VPK child not present on the last day will be listed with the Early Learning Coalition as not having completed the VPK program. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

NO LUNCH BUNCH/EARLY DISMISSAL – Please note there will be no Lunch Bunch or extended day May 15th. Also, two and three year old classes will be dismissed at 10:45 a.m. on May 15th.

TUITION 2019-20 REMINDER – If your child is enrolled for the 2019-20 school year, your first installment payment will be drawn on August 1, 2019. Parents of VPK students, we thank you for your voluntary donation!

URGENT! VPK CHILD ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATE – Don’t wait until summer! Please get your signed VPK Certificate of Eligibility to us as soon as possible. Your child can not be enrolled into a class without their certificate unless you are planning to private pay.

ADOPT-A-CLASS – As the year begins to wind down, we would like to give a great big thank you to all who so generously donated to our Adopt-A-Class program this school year. Your donations were greatly received and used directly by your child’s teachers to purchase many needed materials and supplies for their classrooms. Here is a short list of some of the wonderful ways your generous donations were used to enhance your child’s classroom experience:

Math and language games, manipulatives, materials for writing centers, sensory tables, sensory items, doll house and furniture, sorting kits, sand and water activities, cash register, alphabet mystery box, krazy cut scissors, prayer boxes and prayer bears.


May 1                                               Mother’s Day Festivities:  Multi-Purpose room at 11:30 a.m.; 3-day 2’s, 3-day 3’s, VPK A, VPK B

May 2                                               Mother’s Day Festivities:  Multi-Purpose Room at 11:30 a.m.;  2-day 2’s, 2-day 3’s,5-day 3’s, VPK C, VPK D

May 6-10                                         Teacher Appreciation Week

May 14                                             Last day of school for 2-day classes

May 15                                             Last day of school for all 3-day and 5-day classeS –  All 2’s and 3’s will be dismissed at 10:45 a.m.

May 15                                             4’s Graduation 11:00 a.m.

No Lunch Bunch or Extended on Last Day!          




Get in on the fun and excitement with our Spring Basket Fundraiser in the Robin’s Nest hallway. Don’t let your favorite basket walk away with someone else! Fundraiser begins April 1st and ends promptly April 5th at 9:30 a.m.! Want to know what’s available… click here:


Don’t miss out on our April PAC meeting! Plans and preparations will begin for Robin’s Nest 2019-2020 school year. Our parent volunteers play a big role in supporting our preschool program. PAC needs your support. There are many opportunities to serve. Please come join us on April 11th, 12th or email us at Children welcome!

SPRING MISSION Our spring mission will begin April 23rd. The Robin’s Nest will be collecting new socks and underwear for the Clothes to Kids drive. Watch for updates, Amazon link and collection bins in our hallway!


The 4’s classes will be participating in a graduation celebration on Wednesday, May 15, at 11:00 a.m. The graduation celebration will take place in the Palm Harbor United Methodist Church sanctuary. Please watch for your special invitation. Remember that your VPK child must attend school on May 15th in order to be listed with the state of Florida as having completed the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program.


Back to school dates for the 2019 -2020 school year are as follows:

Class                             Meet & Greet Day               Time                     First Day of School

VPK A&D                       Aug. 16th                                10:00                            Aug. 19th

VPK B&C                       Aug. 16th                                 11:00                            Aug. 19th

2-day Classes              Aug. 16th                                10:00                            Aug. 20th

3-day Classes              Aug. 16th                                 11:00                            Aug. 19th

5-day 3’s                       Aug. 16th                                 11:00                             Aug. 19th


Dads Night was a fun-filled special event. It was wonderful seeing the children so excited to attend with their dad, grandpas, or uncle. The children and their dads watched the Wonders of Nature Show, enjoyed a treat from Kona Ice, visited the classrooms, and went shopping at the book fair. Thank you so much for your support!


Please remember to hold your child’s hand when walking to and from the parking lot. Also make sure your child avoids the bushes and climbing or jumping on the outdoor bins. These areas are not safe play spaces.


April 1-5                                           Spring Basket Fundraiser

April 10                                            Play-N-Around Theater, “Little Red Riding Hood” 11:00

April 11 & 12                                   PAC meeting @ 9:15 a.m.

April 17                                            Easter Parties for 3-day 2’s, 3-day 3’s, VPK B, VPK D

April 18                                            Easter Parties for 2-day 2’s, 2-day 3’s, 5-day 3’s, VPK A & C

April 19                                            No school, Good Friday

April 22                                            No school, Easter Monday

April 23                                            Spring Mission/Clothes to Kids begins

May 1                                               Mother’s Day Festivities:

Multi-Purpose room at 11:30 a.m.

3-day 2’s, 3-day 3’s, VPK A, VPK B

May 2                                               Mother’s Day Festivities:

Multi-Purpose Room at 11:30 a.m.

2-day 2’s, 2-day 3’s,5-day 3’s, VPK C, VPK D

May 6-10                                         Teacher Appreciation Week

May 14                                             Last day of school for 2-day classes

May 15                                             Last day of school for all 3-day and 5-day classes

May 15                                             4’s Graduation 11:00 a.m.

No Lunch Bunch or Extended on Last Day!          



SILENT AUCTION: BASKET FUNDRAISER – PAC is sponsoring a basket fundraiser. Room mothers from every class will make a basket for the silent auction from the items donated by the parents. The room mothers have already sent you a letter with your class theme and important information about the fundraiser. If you or someone you know owns a business or runs a home business and would like to donate to our fundraiser, please stop by the office to give them an information form. The basket silent auction begins on April 1st and ends on April 5th at 9:30 a.m. sharp! So don’t let your favorite basket walk away with someone else. Wahoo…let the bidding begin!

CAMP CUBBER 2019 – Registration coming soon! Current Robin’s Nest families will have priority registration days, on March 5th – 7th and 12th – 14th by appointment only. Camp CUBBER offers your rising K-8th graders a fun filled exciting summer in a family-friendly safe environment. This summer’s theme, “Dream Big:  What Do I Dream to Be?” will focus on the question that so many kids ask – What do I want to be when I grow up? Each week will have activities and field trips themed around a few potential dream jobs for the future – things like marine biologist, scientist/engineer, actor/director, animal researcher, and more! Summer camp runs weekly from June 3 – August 2. You can sign up for the whole summer or just the weeks you want! For more information about Camp CUBBER and to download the camp registration paperwork (coming soon), please visit the camp’s website at  Don’t miss it!

SPRING MISSION – This year for our spring mission, the Robin’s Nest will be doing a sock and underwear drive for Clothes to Kids. Watch for updates, Amazon  link and collection bins in our hallway!

Safety First– Please remember to hold your child’s hand when walking to and from the parking lot. The parking lot is very busy at drop off and pick up times. This is not a safe play area.


Feb. 25 – March 1      Scholastic Book Fair

Feb. 28 & March 1     PAC meetings 9:15

March 11 – 15             Spring Break – No School

March 21                    Jack Hartmann Concert

April 1 – 5                    Spring Basket Silent Auction

April 10                       Play-N-Around Theater

April 17 & 18               Easter Parties




REGISTRATION TIME IS HERE! Forms are available on our website or in the office. Open registration to the public is February 8th. Robin’s Nest parents please enroll your child to secure a seat!

Important: EVERY line on the forms must be filled out. VPK vouchers due no later than June 1, 2019. Download our REGISTRATION CHECKLIST to make sure you are prepared!

Note: A check for $150 registration fee and $100 activity fee are required for registration. VPK students are not required to pay registration or activity fees but are asked to make a voluntary donation of $250 at registration. This is to cover the cost of extra enrichment activities that are not covered by the amount that we receive from the State of Florida.

SCHOOL SPIRIT WEEK   Robin’s Nest is having a spirit week starting February 4th. There will be exciting opportunities to dress-up and be silly. Watch for the flyer that lists daily themes!

FAMILY FUN NIGHT  Don’t miss out on our family fun Night, February 7th at Chicken Salad Chick, 3:00-8:00. There will be children’s activities from 5:00-7:00

SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRThe book fair will be held Monday, February 25th

through Friday, March 1st in room A120. Money raised will be used to enhance our

preschool literacy program. We need volunteers!

DADS NIGHT!  Robin’s Nest has a special night planned for the 3’s and 4’s classes on February 28th starting at 6:00. If Dad is not available, grandpas, uncles, or other adult male friends are welcome. Watch for an invitation coming your way soon!

COLD AND FLU SEASON IS HERE!  This is a great time of year to help your child focus on forming good healthy habits. It is especially important that during cold and flu season parents keep sick children at home to prevent spreading illnesses to others.

The best way to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy during the cold/flu season is to:

  • Keep sick family members home;
  • Contact your health care provider if you or your child are experiencing flu-like symptoms; and
  • Follow your doctor’s guidance on treatment.


SPRING BASKET AUCTION Can you believe it? We’ve already begun thinking about our Spring Basket Auction! With your help, each class will create a unique class art project and put together a fun-filled basket based on a designated theme. A list of the themed baskets is hanging on the PAC bulletin board in the Robin’s Nest hallway.

In addition to the class baskets, we often get generous donations from local businesses. Our auction usually has over 100 items to bid on!

If you know of any businesses that would like to make a donation – or would like to make a donation yourself- please let your room mom, PAC Officer Kristina Menke or the Robin’s Nest office know. We can provide any needed paperwork.

The Spring Basket Auction will run the week of April 1 – 5.

SNACKS – Please remember that we strive to provide the children with nutritious food snacks. Highly sweetened treats, such as cookies (all types), potato chips, brownies, granola bars, gummy bears, and fruit roll -ups, will be permitted only for special occasions. As a reminder, The Robin’s Nest is a peanut free school. No nuts or nut butters of any kind are allowed.



We hope you had a wonderful and joyous holiday season. Welcome back!

We hope you enjoyed your holidays! It’s wonderful to see all the children back in school. We thank all of you who have volunteered at The Robin’s Nest and especially during the busy holiday season. Parent participation is very important to the school and the children love it too!

The children enjoyed a very busy and exciting holiday season at The Robin’s Nest. December 3rd through the 7th our annual Santa Shop was opened serving over 400 shoppers! On the evening of December 6th more than 500 people attended the annual Christmas program presented by Mrs. Jenny Knott and The Robin’s Nest children. The program was priceless. December 8th was a festive morning featuring Breakfast with Santa for children and their families. On December 10th and 11th we hosted two very special Christmas Chapels for Robin’s Nest children and their families. Topping off the holiday season at the Robin’s Nest were classroom visits with Santa, a Christmas story time and of course the festive classroom Christmas parties. What an exciting and busy month!


A big thank you to Sarah Thompson, Brittany Proefke, Tina Savopoulos, Heather Dominie, and all of our volunteers for their help with shopping, organizing, wrapping, and staffing the Santa Shop. The Santa Shop would not be the success it is without you!

PEACEMAKERS  The Robin’s Nest is helping to create a new generation of peacemakers by having our VPK students participate in the Peacemakers program. The Peacemakers program is a holistic program developed to empower children and youth to live peaceful lives. Mr. John and Ms. Kim will visit each VPK class the during January and February,  providing a 4 week Peace curriculum addressing peace, peacemaking skills, individuality and diversity, identifying & expressing feelings, safety planning and respect for the environment. Make Peace!

The more peace there is in us, the more peace there will be in our troubled world.”  – Etty Hillesum


Registration begins January 29! To register for next year’s program, all parents are required to complete a new set of application forms. Please be sure to fill out the application completely. When filling out the registration forms, please do not skip any lines or information requested. Two checks will be needed at the time of registration, one check for the registration/activity fee, and a voided check for payments through electronic funds transfer. It is not necessary to get new health and immunization forms unless your current forms are expired.

Registration Appointments for Currently Enrolled Robin’s Nest Families: A SignUpGenius link will be sent out by email one week prior to your registration date!

Jan. 29th               VPK registration for currently enrolled 3”s

Jan. 30st               VPK registration for currently enrolled 3’s

Jan.31st                3’s registration for currently enrolled 2’s

Feb. 1st                 3’s registration for currently enrolled 2’s

Feb. 6th                 Registration for all siblings of Robin’s Nest, Westlake Christian, Stars and Comets

Feb. 7th                 Registration for all PHUMC members and previously enrolled families

Feb. 8th                 Open registration!


Our school takes the health of our students very seriously and takes many precautions to control the spread of illnesses and to protect the health of your child. There are additional measures you can take at home to protect your child’s health as well, including:

  • follow the basic prevention measures of hand washing, cough and sneeze etiquette and regular cleaning of high touch surfaces
  • monitor your child for signs and symptoms of illness
  • keep your child home from school and other activities when ill
  • keep children home until they no longer have symptoms of illness and are feeling well and able to fully participate in daily programs – children must be free of fever and vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school
  • seek medical attention if your child becomes ill, especially if they are at increased risk for complications from illness


Jan. 10 & 11                              PAC meeting at 9:15 a.m.

Jan. 21                                     School closed – Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

Jan. 24                                     Wonders of Nature (special event)

Jan. 29                                     Registration begins

Feb. 11                                     Special Chapel 3-day 3’s

Feb. 12                                     Special Chapel 2-day 3’s

Feb. 13                                     Do Dad’s (special event)

Feb. 18                                     School closed – Professional Education Day

Feb. 19 & 20                             Graduation and class pictures

Feb. 21 & 22                             Parent Teacher conferences

Feb. 25 – March 1                      Book Fair

Feb. 28                                     Dads Night 6:30, 3’s and 4’s only




It’s hard to believe that December is upon us already. As we begin this holiday season and are faced with the many events, “have-to-do’s” and “have-to-get-done’s,” I urge you to keep in mind the real meaning of Christmas. It is a time of God showing His great love for us; a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus; a time to invite Him into our hearts and a time to Rejoice! And so, as you celebrate your faith and family this holiday season…The Robin’s Nest wishes the light of the Christmas star to you; the warmth of home and hearth to you; the cheer and good will of friends to you; the hope of a childlike heart to you; the joy of a thousand angels to you; the love of the Son and God’s peace to you!  ENJOY the season!


The Robin’s Nest annual Santa Shop will be open Dec. 3 – 7th! This is a special store for children to shop for gifts for everyone in their family. All items are priced at $5. It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to experience the joy of shopping on their own for their family and friends.

Please make sure your child’s shopping list has been turned into their teacher. Unfortunately if a shopping list with the enclosed payment is not turned, your child will be unable to shop. If you have more than one child shopping, they must have their own shopping list to be able to shop with their class. Additional forms are available in the Robin’s Nest office.


We invite you to join us for our special Christmas chapel. The 4’s will be helping deliver the message at 9:15 a.m. on December 10th and 11th in the sanctuary. Please help your child choose a toy gift to bring to the sanctuary and place on the stage. The gift should be new, in the range of $5 – $10’s for a child age infant – 17 years old. Please do not wrap the gift. The Robin’s Nest is participating in a Christmas mission for our Feast clients and Metropolitan Ministries in need. This is a great opportunity to help teach your children the joy of giving.

All classes will attend one of the following days:

Monday, Dec. 10th at 9:15 a.m.: 3-day 2’s, 3-day 3’s, room 110 and room 104

Tuesday, Dec. 11th at 9:15 a.m.: 2-day 2’s, 2-day 3’s, 5-day 3’s, room 114 and room 116


On Thursday December 6, at 6:00 p.m. in the sanctuary, The Robin’s Nest will be presenting its 22nd annual Christmas program; “For Unto Us a Child is Born”. Jenny Knott and the classroom teachers are working with the children to prepare for this special musical presentation. Please drop your children off promptly at 5:45 p.m. in their classroom (parents bring 2’s to the church choir room).


The Christmas Program on December 6th will be videotaped by Felten Video. Please note that the center aisle of the sanctuary will be roped off the night of the program so that the children’s performance will not be interrupted and the videographer will be able to capture the best possible photos of your children. A great way to enjoy the program and preserve the memories is to pre-purchase the DVD. Look for an order form in your child’s backpack or folder. Additional forms will be available in the Robin’s Nest office.


Tuesday, December 18th

2-day-2’s, 2-day 3’s, room 104, room 110

Wednesday December 19th

3-day 2’s, 3-day 3’s, 5-day 3’s, room 114, room 116


All Robin’s Nest students will be dismissed at 12:15 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 20th. There will be no Lunch Bunch or Extended Care offered that afternoon. School will be closed for the Holidays Friday, Dec. 21st through January 7th. School resumes Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019!


December 3-7                Santa Shop

December 6                   Christmas Program 6:00 p.m

December  8                  Breakfast with Santa

December 10 &11          Special Christmas chapels

December 18 & 19        Classroom Christmas parties

December 21 – Jan. 7    Christmas holidays – school closed

January 8                       School re-opens, classes resume





As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and we count our many blessings, we are once again reminded of what a genuine privilege it is for all of us at The Robin’s Nest to work with you and your children.


With the cooler weather approaching, we’d like to remind you to label jackets and sweaters and perhaps exchange long pants in your child’s extra clothes bag at school.


Our Fall Mission is the world’s largest Christmas project of its kind and we need your help to make this a success! Operation Christmas Child uses gift filled shoeboxes to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world. The Robin’s Nest is involving our children in this mission project. THEY will be building the boxes and talking in their classes about the difference they will be making to a child in need. There are additional boxes available if you would like to build boxes at home with other children or as a family. Our goal is set for each Robin’s Nest child to build a box totaling 144! Boxes will be built November 5th thru 8th. Each box will be filled for a child between the ages of 2-4 years old. Please place your donated items in the Operation Christmas Child bin, located in the Robin’s Nest hallway.


We will drum, dance, sing and laugh together as we learn to “talk” to each other on the drum.

Imagine an interactive circle of kids, all drumming together, holding a common pulse and weaving a facilitated rhythm into a cohesive musical experience. This is what The Robin’s Nest students will be experiencing when Giving Tree Music brings their drumming program to the school on Wednesday, November 14th. Their only rule- “if you don’t drum, you have to dance!!!


On Thursday, November 15th, and Friday, November 16th, the children will celebrate Thanksgiving with a special feast snack. To help with the celebration, the room mothers may be asked to help set up the snack. This is not a party for all parents to attend. We ask that each child bring in a specific food item. Look for the feast sign-up sheet located outside each classroom.


Get out your reindeer antlers and lace up those running shoes! The 2018 Reindeer Run is coming Saturday, December 1, 2018. The race will kick off at 8:00 a.m. at Pop Stansell Park, located at 797 Florida Avenue in Palm Harbor. There will be a 5K run, Virtual 5K run, 1 Mile Fun Run and Tot Trot races for our littlest runners. Register, volunteer and view sponsorship opportunities at


This is an exciting event for the children! The shop will be open December 3rd – 7th. All children will have the opportunity during school to do some Christmas shopping for their family, grandparents, and other loved ones. There are many volunteer opportunities available! Check your email for a link to sign up on line or sign up in the Robin’s Nest hallway. All proceeds from the Santa Shop help keep our classroom equipment and curriculum current and new. Watch your child’s backpack for more information.


The Robin’s Nest PAC is excited to present Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, December 8h at 9:00 a.m. in the multi-purpose room. Breakfast buffet includes pancakes, eggs, bacon, and choice of beverage – orange juice, milk, or coffee. Your child will have an opportunity to visit with Santa so bring your camera! Advance reservations are required. Tickets are $10.00 on sale beginning Monday, November 5th in the school office (children under two are free, but must share a seat).


A big Thank You to our new Community Partners Kemp Stucco LLC, James and Leigh Ann Sarantopoulos and Makenzie’s Grandma did it again and partnered with the Robin’s Nest Music Program! Thank you so much for your program adoptions. It’s never too late to adopt your child’s classroom!


Nov. 1 & 2                     PAC meeting and gift wrapping 9:15

Nov. 5 – 30                   Tickets go on sale for Breakfast with Santa

Nov. 13                          PAC Santa Shop Prep @ 10:30

Nov. 14                          The Giving Tree (special event)

Nov. 15 & 16                 PAC Santa Shop Prep @ 9:00

Nov. 15 & 16                 Thanksgiving feasts

Nov. 19 – 23                 School closed – Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 28                         We Are One Chapel

Dec. 3 – 7                     Santa Shop opens – Sponsored by PAC – forms will be sent home

Dec. 6                           Christmas program @ 6:00 p.m. – Sanctuary

Dec. 8                           Breakfast with Santa @ 9:00 a.m.

Dec. 10                         Christmas chapel 3-day 2’s, 3-day 3’s, room 104, room 110

Dec. 11                          Christmas chapel 2-day 2’s, 2-day 3’s, 5-day 3’s, room 114, room 116

Dec. 18 & 19                 Christmas parties

Dec. 21 – Jan. 7           Winter holidays – school closed (school starts back Tues., Jan. 8th)




Thank you to everyone that attended the first PAC meetings in September. Our PAC officers for the 2018-2019 school year are Sarah Thompson, Brittany Proefke, and Tina Savopoulos. The Robin’s Nest PAC is open to all parents and members of PHUMC who wish to actively support our school. PAC meetings are generally the first Thursday and Friday of the Month in room 201 at 9:15 a.m. Come join a committee and make new friends. Siblings are welcome!


Get your orders in by September 28! HOWEVER…online sales will continue until January so you can download the app, register and send out invitations (tax applies to all online orders). It’s a great way to get some early holiday shopping done. Let’s make this the best fall fundraiser ever!


Operation Christmas Child is our fall mission. We will be packing shoeboxes! Every shoebox gift delivered by Operation Christmas Child is a tangible expression of God’s amazing love. Details will be sent home in backpacks and by email.

Collection Dates: Oct. 8th – 26th             Assembly Dates: Nov. 5th – 8th


Calling all animals to the ark! The Robin’s Nest 3 and 4 year old’s classrooms have been practicing for this fun event! Parents are asked to bring in an animal costume labeled in a bag (no masks allowed; shoes are required) the day of your child’s event. Everyone is invited to come and watch the Noah’s Ark Parade at 11:45 a.m. in the sanctuary.

Two’s classes are invited to watch the parade with a parent.

  • Thursday, Oct. 25th: Parent/ Hudson, Martz/ Lilly, Bombar/ Brinton          
  • Friday, Oct. 26th: Robertson/ Rogers, Parent/ Wheeley, Hibbens/ Dorsett, Blake/Biewend 


Mark your calendars! The annual Breakfast with Santa will be held on Saturday,

December 8th at 9:00 a.m. in the multipurpose room/gym. Tickets will go on sale November 5th in the Robin’s Nest office. You don’t want to miss this wonderful event!


CONGRATULATIONS – Our list of community partners is growing, 31 and counting! We are happy to inform you that the following businesses and/or families have adopted a classroom:

The Aldrich Family                                                                     The Bergstrom Family                        

Brain and Spine Neuroscience Institute                                The Brannon Family                               

Jon & Lora Brethauer                                                               The Casper Family                                             

Chicken Salad Chick                                                                  The Christensen Family               

The Cox Family                                                                           The Edwards Family                     

The Ford Family                                                                         John & Jenny Goad (2 class adoptions)

Good 2 Go Chiropractic                                                           The Gonnelli Family

The Jackson Family                                                                   The Kratimenos Family                

Makenzie’s Grandma                                                                 The McDaniel Family                              

The Morgan Family                                                                   The Palma Family

The Petty Family                                                                   

The Rankin Family                                                                     The Rouse Family                                                               

The Sager Family                                                                       The Savor Family

The Schmidt Family                                                                   Southwest Pool Finishers, Inc.

The Sprowls Family                                                                   The Terrio Family          

The Thompson Family                                                              The Wortham Family

A big thank you goes to all who have participated in the adoption program. Adoption forms are located on the table outside the office.


Oct. 1                     Fire truck visits rooms 104, 108, 110, 112

Oct. 2                     Fire truck visits rooms 102, 108, 112, 114, 116

Oct. 4 & 5               PAC meetings 9:15 a.m.

Oct. 11                   Conferences for the 2-day 2’s and 2-day 3’s classes

No School for 2-day 2’s and 2-day 3’s

Please note 5-day 3’s and 4’s (VPK) will have class!

Oct. 12                   Conferences for the 3-day 2’s, 3-day 3’s, 5-day 3’s, and 4’s

NO SCHOOL for all children

Oct. 22                   Special Chapel Hibbens/Dorsett

Oct. 23                   Special Chapel Bombar/Brinton

Oct. 25                   Noah’s Ark Parade at 11:45 a.m. – rooms 108, 114, 116

Oct. 26                   Noah’s Ark Parade at 11:45 a.m. – rooms 102, 104, 108, 110

                                    *two year old students may watch the parade with a parent

Nov. 3                    Time change – set your clocks back 1 hour for Sunday!



PARENT ADVOCATE CLUB  –  Our PAC meetings start Thurs., Sept. 6th and Fri., Sept. 7th. Two PAC meetings are scheduled the first Thursday and Friday of each month so you may choose which day to attend. We try to keep all meetings to no longer than 1 hour in length. Children are welcome to attend with you

YANKEE CANDLE FALL FUNDRAISER  –  COMING SOON! SEPTEMPBER 10TH. The Robin’s Nest is excited to have Yankee Candle as our fall fundraiser. They are the world’s #1 candle brand and offer a wide range of premium candles, fragrances, and décor items! The fundraiser will run from Sept. 10th – 28th.  Packets will be sent home with your child. This is a great time to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping, birthdays, and special occasions. Gifts start as low as $7. Proceeds will go to playground improvements. We appreciate the support you give The Robin’s Nest!

INDIVIDUAL PICTURES  –  Picture Perfect Images is our school photographer. School pictures will be taken September 11th, 12th, and 13th.

OPEN HOUSE  – Open house for parents will be held the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 11th at 6:30. Watch for notices in your child’s bag.

SNACKS  –  Reminder . . . the Robin’s Nest is a PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE school. Please read the snack notice carefully when it is your child’s turn to be snack helper. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your child’s teacher or the office.

EMAIL CONTACT – You should be receiving information from The Robin’s Nest office. If you have not heard from us we may not have the correct e-mail address for you, so please send a message to us at

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM – ADOPT A CLASS – The Robin’s Nest 2018-2019 Community Partnership Program has begun. Individuals, families or businesses may adopt a class, music program or the school by making a $150 tax deductible donation. 100% of your donation goes directly to your child’s classroom. Teachers may purchase classroom materials such as furniture, carpets, manipulatives, books, CD’s, and any curriculum materials. If you are interested in adopting a class or would like more information please ask your teacher or stop by the office for a brochure. We greatly appreciate all the wonderful individuals and businesses who generously adopted so far this year. Let’s keep it going!

The Bergstrom Family                                     Chicken Salad Chick

The Ford Family                                               John & Jenny Goad (2 class adoptions)

The Gonnelli Family                                         The Kratimenos Family

Makenzie’s Grandma                                        The Morgan Family

The Rouse Family                                            The Sager Family

The Schmidt Family                                         The Terrio Family

The Thompson Family                                     The Wortham Family

Mark Your Calendars

Sept. 3                                     Labor Day – school closed

Sept 6 & 7                                PAC Meeting – 9:15, Rm. 201

Sept. 10                                   Yankee Candle Fall Fundraiser Begins!

Sept. 11, 12, 13                       Individual pictures

Sept. 11                                   Open House for parents 6:30

Sept. 17                                   Special Chapel for Ms. Blake & Mrs. Biewend’s class

Sept. 18                                   Special Chapel for Mrs. Martz & Mrs. Lilly’s class

Sept. 25                                   Timeless Tales – Gingerbread Boy

Oct. 11                                     Parent/Teacher conferences for 2-day classes

Oct. 12                                     Parent/Teacher conferences for 3-day, 5-day and VPK

(no school for all students)

Oct. 15                                     No school

Oct. 22                                     Special Chapel for Mrs. Hibbens & Mrs. Dorsett’s class

Oct. 23                                     Special Chapel for Mrs. Bombar & Mrs. Brinton’s class

Oct. 25 & 26                            Noah’s Ark parades



Summer Hours at The Robin’s Nest

Tuesdays        9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Wednesdays   9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Thursdays       9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

To make sure we are here to greet you, please call the office at 727-786-1861 prior to visiting.

Thank you and have a super summer!